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‘Kawaii!’ Olympic robot mascots thrill Tokyo students

November 19, 2019

Robot versions of Japan's Olympic and Paralympic mascots thrilled hundreds of school children in Tokyo on Monday, striking sporting poses and displaying hearts in their electronic eyes.

Airbnb incurs Paris wrath over Olympics partnership

November 19, 2019

Airbnb became a leading partner of the Olympics in a nine-year deal announced Monday that drew strong criticism from Paris, host of the 2024 summer Games.

Yahoo Japan and Line set to merge

November 19, 2019

The largest search engine and messaging app in Japan is expected to merge under an agreement between their parent companies.

Airbus grab $30bn of orders for 170 aircraft

November 19, 2019

In another indication of the continued expansion of Middle East airlines, Airbus has received orders worth $30bn (£ 23bn). Emirates revealed on the second day of the Dubai Air Show the acquisition of 50 Airbus A350-900 XWBs-Extra Wide Body-aircraft at a list price of $16bn.

Louis Vuitton Head Takes Crown as world second richest person

November 6, 2019

Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SE (LVMH), the world's largest luxury-goods company, is now the world second richest person with a personal fortune estimated at $107 billion by Forbes as of Tuesday.

The Most Profitable Companies In The World : Infographic

November 6, 2019

Apple has long been known as the world’s most profitable company, but those days are over. By preparing to be publicly listed, Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco had to disclose company reports and was subsequentially rated by Moody’s to have earned US$111.1 billion in 2018, far surpassing competitors. Currently, Saudi Aramco is taking a second swing at an IPO.

McDonald’s head Steve Easterbrook fired after dating employee

November 6, 2019

ince having a relationship with an employee, McDonald's fired his chief executive Steve Easterbrook. The fast-food giant in the United States said the relationship was consensual, but Mr Easterbrook had "violated company policy" and "poor judgment."

Facebook changes product branding to FACEBOOK

November 6, 2019

Facebook is introducing new branding for its products and services in an attempt to distinguish the company from its familiar app and website. Instagram and WhatsApp are among the services that will carry the new FACEBOOK brand in the next few weeks.

Democrats claim victory in key Virginia and Kentucky elections

November 6, 2019

In key state polls, US Democrats have made gains in what is seen as a blow to President Donald Trump. After a tight race in the conservative-leaning city, Democrat Andy Beshear claimed victory in Kentucky's governor election.

Uber shares skid as losses widen

November 5, 2019

Uber shares skidded Monday after the ride-hailing giant reported widening losses in the just-ended quarter as it boosted investment in new services and features. San Francisco-based Uber reported a loss of $1.2 billion, up from a loss of $986 million a year ago.

Shorter hours boost sales in overworked Japan: Microsoft

November 5, 2019

Microsoft Japan trialed a radical idea in a country known for overwork: to work less. And it found that four-day days, along with other changes, boosted sales and reduced costs.

President Xi Jinping pledges wider market access, free-trade deals

November 5, 2019

President Xi Jinping pledged on Tuesday to open up China's economy further, declaring that the world must "knock down walls" as he opened an annual trade fair against the backdrop of the war on US tariffs.

Japan’s kabuki harnesses the Force for Star Wars performance

November 5, 2019

Star Wars is heading to a traditional Japanese kabuki theater stage from a galaxy far, far away to celebrate the epic movie series for a one-off show in Tokyo. Ahead of the release of the final film in the main Star Wars saga, Kabuki actors will swap their samurai swords to lightsabers to perform the adaptation of the wildly popular series later this month.

Robotic inspectors developed to fix wind farms

October 15, 2019

Fully autonomous robots that are able to inspect damaged wind farms have been developed by Scots scientists. Unlike most drones, they don't require a human operator and could end the need for technicians to abseil down turbines to carry out repairs.

Nobel economics prize winner hopes to inspire ‘many, many other women’

October 15, 2019

Esther Duflo, winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Economics, said she hopes her win will "inspire many, many other women to continue to work." Speaking at a press conference following Monday's announcement, Duflo also said she hoped that her win would encourage "many other men to give [ women ] the respect they deserve."

Budget date revealed by chancellor Sajid Javid

October 15, 2019

The budget is planned for 6 November, with Chancellor Sajid Javid saying that after leaving the EU, it will be "the first budget." "This is the right thing to do and responsible-we have to get on with governing," he said.

Facebook puts on brave face with Libra

October 15, 2019

Facebook's Libra currency plan appeared to be on the rocks after five big payment providers dropped out last week. But the remaining members insisted that ahead it's full steam.

Typhoon toll nears 70 as Japan rescuers still scrambling

October 15, 2019

Rescue workers in Japan worked around the clock on Tuesday in an increasingly desperate search for survivors of a strong weekend typhoon that killed almost 70 people and caused widespread destruction.

E-cigarettes cause lung cancer in mice in first study tying vaping to cancer

October 8, 2019

E-cigarette vapor causes lung cancer and potentially bladder cancer in mice, damaging their DNA and leading researchers at New York University to conclude that vaping is likely “very harmful” to humans as well.

Apple’s new Mac update is out

October 8, 2019

International News from World: Apple just released its big new software update for Macs. It’s called macOS Catalina. Like iOS 13,

US bag three more golds as Worlds draw to close

October 7, 2019

Sprint hurdler Nia Ali led a final day gold rush for the United States as the curtain came down on the World Championships on Sunday. Ali powered to victory in the 100 metres hurdles to upset world record holder Keni Harrison with a time of 12.34sec at the Khalifa Stadium.

Na outlasts Cantlay in playoff to win US PGA Las Vegas title

October 7, 2019

Kevin Na made it closer than it had to be, but shook off a triple-bogey to beat Patrick Cantlay in a playoff Sunday to win the US PGA Tour Shriners Hospitals for Children Open for the second time.

Unilever to cut plastic use to appeal to Gen Z

October 7, 2019

Unilever, which owns brands such as Surf and PG Tips, says it plans to halve the amount of new plastic it uses in a bid to appeal to younger shoppers. The firm is responsible for producing 700,000 tonnes of new plastic a year.

Thomas Cook refund form launched online

October 7, 2019

Thomas Cook customers who had booked holidays with the collapsed travel firm can now claim for a refund online. About 800,000 people had been due to take trips with the firm in the coming months, according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which is handling the refund process.

Bike riding courses offer Finland’s immigrants new freedom

October 2, 2019

It's a skill you never forget once learned, as the saying goes: Now immigrants to Finland can receive free cycling lessons to help them better integrate into life in the bike-loving nation.

Japan delivers long-delayed consumption tax hike

October 1, 2019

Japan has increased its consumption tax for the first time in five years, bringing the long-delayed policy into effect despite concerns it may knock the economy. On Tuesday, the country raised its sales tax rate from 8% to 10%.

Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica

October 1, 2019

In more than 50 years, the Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica has just produced its largest iceberg. The calved block includes an area of 1,636 sq km-a bit lower than the island of Skye in Scotland-and is called D28.

More than 150,000 individuals return home after Thomas Cook stopped trading

September 25, 2019

After the UK tour operator and airline Thomas Cook stopped trading, the UK Civil Aviation Authority initiated the biggest peacetime repatriation to take over 150,000 people back to the UK.

Sri Lanka condemns drone attacks in Saudi Arabia

September 24, 2019

Sri Lanka condemns the drone attacks targeting Abqaiq oil processing facility and Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia. As a country that has suffered from terrorism for thirty years, Sri Lanka remains committed to addressing this scourge in all its forms and manifestations.

Australia PM Scott Morrison meets Trump for a state dinner at the White House

September 22, 2019

President Donald Trump welcomed Australian PM Scott Morrison on a week-long tour to the United States that involves a White House state dinner.

Thomas Cook has set up rescue talks for last-ditch

September 22, 2019

In a final bid to secure a rescue agreement, Thomas Cook will hold crisis talks. It is understood that the meeting with its largest shareholder and creditors is scheduled for Sunday morning at City law firm Slaughter & May. Within days, the tour operator could be administered unless he finds £ 200 m in additional resources.

Edward Snowden seeks French asylum

September 17, 2019

Whistleblower Edward Snowden, living in Russia since leaking a trove of classified documents showing the scope of post-9/11 US government surveillance, wants to claim asylum in France, according to an interview published Saturday.

Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities

September 17, 2019

Oil prices surged by nearly 20% after two attacks on Saudi Arabian facilities on Saturday knocked out more than 5% of the world's supply.

Indonesia locked in epic battle against jungle blazes

September 17, 2019

Working around the clock, thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain smog-belching blazes raging across rainforests and farmland in Indonesia, one of the frontlines against fires blamed for aggravating global warming.

Solid gold toilet stolen by a gang of thieves

September 17, 2019

A gang of thieves stole an 18-carat gold toilet from an art exhibition at the Blenheim Palace in Britain on Saturday, police said-causing the World Heritage Site to flood. The full-functioning piece by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, dubbed "America," was once exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and offered to US President Donald Trump on loan.

Former British Prime Minister Cameron slams Johnson over Brexit

September 17, 2019

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a blistering attack on the UK’s current leader Boris Johnson in extracts of his memoirs published Sunday, accusing him of only backing Brexit to further his own career.

Cargo Ship Carrying Thousands Of Cars Capsizes Off The Coast Of Georgia

September 12, 2019

The US Coast Guard thinks the environmental impact from an overturned cargo ship along the Georgia coast is limited so far, Cdr. Norm Witt said Tuesday.

Purdue Pharma ‘reaches tentative agreement’ to settle opioid cases

September 12, 2019

Drug-making giant Purdue Pharma has reportedly reached a US multi-billion dollar tentative agreement to settle a host of lawsuits against it. The company owned by the Sackler family is accused of fueling the U.S. opioid crisis through drugs such as OxyContin painkiller.

Alibaba begins new era as founder Jack Ma departs

September 12, 2019

International News from World: Alibaba chairman Jack Ma is due to step down from Tuesday’s e-commerce giant, marking the company’s

Contact with Chandrayaan-2 lost

September 7, 2019

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told space researchers in his country that he was proud of a program so close to placing a sample on the Moon. Contact with Chandrayaan-2 was lost moments before touching down at the lunar south pole was due to its Vikram module.

Twin girls are born to an Indian female, 73

September 6, 2019

A 73-year-old lady in Andhra Pradesh's southern Indian state bore twin boys

Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, dies at the age of 95

September 6, 2019

The Zimbabwean independence icon transformed into an authoritarian leader, Robert Mugabe,

PM Imran Khan says that Pakistan deeply valued its close and friendly relations with Sri Lanka

August 27, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan today said that Pakistan deeply valued its close and friendly relations with Sri Lanka which had been nurtured over decades through a continuous interaction at bilateral, regional and international levels.

Foreign ministers of China, Japan, South Korea to hold talks amid trade, history tensions

August 22, 2019

Foreign ministers Kang Kyung-wha of South Korea, Taro Kono of Japan and Wang Yi of China will meet from Tuesday to Thursday, the ministry said. The last such gathering was three years ago.

Dubai Airport retains top global spot for 5th year

August 22, 2019

Dubai (AFP) - Dubai International Airport said it retained its top global spot in 2018 after serving the largest number of passengers for the fifth year in a row despite falling short of its target.

Indonesia’s Joko Widodo formally proposes relocating capital to Borneo

August 16, 2019

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has officially proposed a plan to transfer the country's capital from Jakarta, on Java's crowded island, to Kalimantan on Borneo's island. Widodo, also known by his nickname Jokowi, made the proposal a day before the nation celebrates its 74th anniversary of independence during its state of the union speech in parliament.

Leaders of 18 Pacific nations met at a regional meeting in Tuvalu

August 16, 2019

Regional leaders met at the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu this week, where smaller island-dominated states sought a consensus on climate goals.

73rd Independence Day of India celebrates in Sri Lanka

August 16, 2019

India's 73rd Independence Day celebrations took place on 15 August 2019 at the Indian High Commissioner's official residence in Colombo, India House. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, addressed the gathering of Indian expatriates and well-wishers from Sri Lanka.

Ford To Launch Crossover All-Electric, Mustang-Inspired For 2020

August 15, 2019

Ford (F) has great plans for the launch of its car in 2020. The automaker will be launching an all-electric crossover vehicle inspired by Mustang as well as bringing back the Bronco SUV model. Besides the redesigned F-series and several updated SUV designs, this is also possible.

Amazon’s To Take Effort On The Competition And Regulators

August 15, 2019

Third-party merchants on Amazon's marketplace already account for 58 percent of revenues. That's thanks in large part to its Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) program that enables vendors to send inventory to the company's storage facilities and Amazon ships an item automatically when a client purchases it.