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Edward Snowden seeks French asylum

September 17, 2019

Whistleblower Edward Snowden, living in Russia since leaking a trove of classified documents showing the scope of post-9/11 US government surveillance, wants to claim asylum in France, according to an interview published Saturday.

Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities

September 17, 2019

Oil prices surged by nearly 20% after two attacks on Saudi Arabian facilities on Saturday knocked out more than 5% of the world's supply.

Indonesia locked in epic battle against jungle blazes

September 17, 2019

Working around the clock, thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain smog-belching blazes raging across rainforests and farmland in Indonesia, one of the frontlines against fires blamed for aggravating global warming.

Solid gold toilet stolen by a gang of thieves

September 17, 2019

A gang of thieves stole an 18-carat gold toilet from an art exhibition at the Blenheim Palace in Britain on Saturday, police said-causing the World Heritage Site to flood. The full-functioning piece by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, dubbed "America," was once exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and offered to US President Donald Trump on loan.

Former British Prime Minister Cameron slams Johnson over Brexit

September 17, 2019

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a blistering attack on the UK’s current leader Boris Johnson in extracts of his memoirs published Sunday, accusing him of only backing Brexit to further his own career.

Cargo Ship Carrying Thousands Of Cars Capsizes Off The Coast Of Georgia

September 12, 2019

The US Coast Guard thinks the environmental impact from an overturned cargo ship along the Georgia coast is limited so far, Cdr. Norm Witt said Tuesday.

Purdue Pharma ‘reaches tentative agreement’ to settle opioid cases

September 12, 2019

Drug-making giant Purdue Pharma has reportedly reached a US multi-billion dollar tentative agreement to settle a host of lawsuits against it. The company owned by the Sackler family is accused of fueling the U.S. opioid crisis through drugs such as OxyContin painkiller.

Alibaba begins new era as founder Jack Ma departs

September 12, 2019

International News from World: Alibaba chairman Jack Ma is due to step down from Tuesday’s e-commerce giant, marking the company’s

Contact with Chandrayaan-2 lost

September 7, 2019

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told space researchers in his country that he was proud of a program so close to placing a sample on the Moon. Contact with Chandrayaan-2 was lost moments before touching down at the lunar south pole was due to its Vikram module.

Twin girls are born to an Indian female, 73

September 6, 2019

A 73-year-old lady in Andhra Pradesh's southern Indian state bore twin boys

Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, dies at the age of 95

September 6, 2019

The Zimbabwean independence icon transformed into an authoritarian leader, Robert Mugabe,

PM Imran Khan says that Pakistan deeply valued its close and friendly relations with Sri Lanka

August 27, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan today said that Pakistan deeply valued its close and friendly relations with Sri Lanka which had been nurtured over decades through a continuous interaction at bilateral, regional and international levels.

Foreign ministers of China, Japan, South Korea to hold talks amid trade, history tensions

August 22, 2019

Foreign ministers Kang Kyung-wha of South Korea, Taro Kono of Japan and Wang Yi of China will meet from Tuesday to Thursday, the ministry said. The last such gathering was three years ago.

Dubai Airport retains top global spot for 5th year

August 22, 2019

Dubai (AFP) - Dubai International Airport said it retained its top global spot in 2018 after serving the largest number of passengers for the fifth year in a row despite falling short of its target.

Indonesia’s Joko Widodo formally proposes relocating capital to Borneo

August 16, 2019

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has officially proposed a plan to transfer the country's capital from Jakarta, on Java's crowded island, to Kalimantan on Borneo's island. Widodo, also known by his nickname Jokowi, made the proposal a day before the nation celebrates its 74th anniversary of independence during its state of the union speech in parliament.

Leaders of 18 Pacific nations met at a regional meeting in Tuvalu

August 16, 2019

Regional leaders met at the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu this week, where smaller island-dominated states sought a consensus on climate goals.

73rd Independence Day of India celebrates in Sri Lanka

August 16, 2019

India's 73rd Independence Day celebrations took place on 15 August 2019 at the Indian High Commissioner's official residence in Colombo, India House. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, addressed the gathering of Indian expatriates and well-wishers from Sri Lanka.

Ford To Launch Crossover All-Electric, Mustang-Inspired For 2020

August 15, 2019

Ford (F) has great plans for the launch of its car in 2020. The automaker will be launching an all-electric crossover vehicle inspired by Mustang as well as bringing back the Bronco SUV model. Besides the redesigned F-series and several updated SUV designs, this is also possible.

Amazon’s To Take Effort On The Competition And Regulators

August 15, 2019

Third-party merchants on Amazon's marketplace already account for 58 percent of revenues. That's thanks in large part to its Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) program that enables vendors to send inventory to the company's storage facilities and Amazon ships an item automatically when a client purchases it.

New rules for Mount Everest climbers after deadly season

August 15, 2019

Climbers who want to try Mount Everest should first have to prove they are experienced mountaineers, recommended by a committee advising the government of Nepal. The report recommends that applicants must have climbed a peak of at least 6,500 m (21,325 ft) in Nepal already. They should also be issuing a physical fitness certificate and using skilled guides, it adds.

Ancient parrot in New Zealand was 1m tall, study says

August 9, 2019

A giant parrot that roamed New Zealand about 19 million years ago had a height of 1m (3ft 2in) - more than half the average height of a human, a new study has found.

Magnitude 6 quake rattles Taiwan

August 9, 2019

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake has caused minor damage in northeastern Taiwan as the island braced for the arrival of a severe typhoon.

Rainfall in Maharashtra: All schools and schools in Mumbai closed

August 8, 2019

Heavy rainfall across Mumbai and suburban areas has crippled normal life Sunday with "intermittent rain with heavy to heavy showers" forecasting from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

Hyundai launched car with solar panel roofing

August 7, 2019

Hyundai introduced a version of its Sonata hybrid that has solar panels to support battery charging. The Korean vehicle manufacturer said that if the solar roof was used for six hours a day, up to 60 percent of the energy could be provided for the battery of the vehicle.

India’s popular former foreign minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj passed away

August 7, 2019

Ms. Swaraj, who served five years as foreign minister, suffered a heart arrest on Tuesday, said India's Press Trust. She was a famous minister as prime minister in the first term of Narendra Modi, but previously this year she did not contest parliamentary elections.

Huge fossil dinosaur discovered in southern France

July 30, 2019

In South-West France, scientists have discovered a huge dinosaur thigh bone at a site which has been producing fossils for almost a century.A sauropod, plant-free dinosaur with a long neck and tail, is believed to have belonged to the femur discovered at Angeac for two meters (6.6 ft) lengthy.

The voice of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, dies at 75

July 30, 2019

The Walt Disney Company said Russia Taylor, Minnie Mouse's voice since the mid-1980s, was killed. She was seventy-five.Disney said in a declaration, she died Friday at Glendale, California. There was no release of the cause of death.

The next PM of the UK will be Boris Johnson

July 24, 2019

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt was defeated in the Conservative Party leading competition on Tuesday, former London Mayor Boris Johnson won the competition for a future Prime Minister. By 92,153 to 46,656 votes for Conservative arty Johnson defeated Hunt.

China’s agriculture giant receives the biggest sustainable trade loan

July 20, 2019

The $2.1 billion credit it has signed for Wednesday is the largest sustainability-based loan for a commodity dealer, COFCO International, the Geneva-based, international trade force of China's largest food-and agricultural business.

India to overtake Japan in 2025 to become the third largest economy

July 20, 2019

India will overtake the United Kingdom this year as the fifth-largest economy in the world, and in 2025 IHS Markit is about to overtake Japan as the third-largest.

Positive trade prospects for Malaysia

July 20, 2019

Despite ongoing US-China trade wars, Malaysia's trade perspective is still optimistic, said Datuk Wan Latiff Wan Musa, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade).

The community of Biz can take on an essential part in making a successful nation

July 19, 2019

In the course of the 180th annual General Assembly of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, South African High Commissioner Robina Marks said that the company community and the private sector played unseen roles in turning the nation from the pariah state to a prosperous state.

Ursula von der Leyen elected as President of the European Commission

July 19, 2019

Following a secret ballot from MEPs, Germany's Ursula von der Leyen was chosen narrowly as EU President. On 1 November, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will be replaced by the Center-Right Defense Minister.

At the Paris parade, Macron presents euro military skills

July 19, 2019

On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron laid the heart of the Bastille Day parade in Europe's military cooperation in an era of growing tensions with the USA. Key EU leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Mark Rutte from the Netherlands, joined Macron to watch the annual Parade in Paris during the French Revolution in the Champs Elysées on July 14, 1789.

Volkswagen and Ford are teaming up on electric and self-driving cars

July 15, 2019

Volkswagen and Ford said they’re going to work together to develop self-driving and electric cars in an effort to cut fresh

With “ice” cake, Taipei Zoo celebrates the birthday of giant panda

July 15, 2019

Giant panda “Yuanzai” celebrated its sixth birthday Saturday at the Taipei Zoo, Taiwan, with a unique birthday cake made of ice

India becoming the fourth nation to land a Moon probe

July 14, 2019

India will step up Monday's global space race by launching a low-cost mission to become just the fourth nation to land a probe on the moon. Just five days before the 50th anniversary of man's first lunar landing, after a decade-long build-up, Chandrayaan-2— or Moon Chariot 2— will blow off from a tropical island off Andhra Pradesh state.

Lady Gaga is dedicated to launching beauty variety in exclusive Amazon

July 10, 2019

As an unconventional artist, by launching it exclusively through Amazon, Lady Gaga takes the same strategy to her fresh make-up line. Haus Laboratories, the Oscar-winning songwriter, will become the first significant cosmetics brand that the online retail giant will launch. The agreement implies that from the beginning, the first company venture of Lady Gaga will have a global reach. In September,

Sir James Dyson buys ‘ the largest penthouse flat in Singapore ‘

July 10, 2019

Sir James Dyson purchased what is believed to be the largest and most costly penthouse flat in Singapore. The purchase comes after his business relocated its headquarters from the UK to Singapore, best known for its vacuum cleaners. The estate covers three floors and has five bedrooms in the core of the business district of the city.

China, Germany is working on reducing livestock greenhouse gases

July 10, 2019

Chinese and German researchers work together to further decrease emissions of greenhouse gasses from livestock raising.

The Parade of London attended 1.5 million individuals

July 9, 2019

On downtown Victoria Sunday for the annual Victoria Pride parade, thousands of marchers and revelers covered in rainbows, feathers, and sequin. About thirty thousand individuals from over six hundred organizations attended the formal parade through central London with around 1.5 million individuals.

$2.7 million in Kim Kardashian Won

July 9, 2019

Brands of fast fashion might need to slow down their performance. In February Kardashian filed a lawsuit against the brand alleging that he used her likeness without her consent to sell lower-priced versions of the clothes she wore. Kim Kardashian had only won a lawsuit against the United States Missguided. She demanded 10 million dollars, but finally got 2,7 million dollars plus 60 thousand dollars in legal charges for the problems she had. But it was not a hard fight, because the Missguided United States never answered that fight. The default is $2.7 million.

UNESCO World Historic Site Bagan

July 8, 2019

A quarter of a century after the nomination of the ancient capital, Bagan is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the tourism industry, recognition by the United Nations cultural body will increase demand from both Western and Asian markets. However, the future of the area is crucial for meeting conservation commitments and efficient local governance.

Indian gold tax to generate more possibilities for arbitration

July 8, 2019

The duty on gold imports in India has risen. Anantha Padmanabhan, Chairman of the All India Gems and Jewelry Council, said that this tax rise could discourage the physical markets ' purchasers' and reduce the demand of 760 tonnes in 2018 by ten percent this year.

Govt Saudi. Increases Haj visas to 4000 in 2019

July 8, 2019

According to Riyadh press reports, the Saudi Government improved the Haj quota to the pilgrims of Sri Lanka by adding 500 visas to the current figure, bringing the total to 4,000 this year. The Sri Lankan Haj pilgrims will receive their Saudi Arabia visas for their moment via an internet portal, press reports also stated.

This year, India will be turning into a 3 trillion dollar economy

July 5, 2019

Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Minister of Finance, today at 11:00 AM, introduces the government's first budget Modi 2. The then acting finance minister, Piyush Goyal, given several income tax liabilities to the middle class in February and introduced zero tax liabilities for the Rs.5 lakh revenue group.

Over one hundred aftershocks occur in California.

July 5, 2019

The biggest earthquake in nearly 20 years in Southern California led one town on Thursday to declare the state of emergency and shook people from Las Vegas in the county of Orange.

India’s Mumbai’s heavy rains, rail disruption, air traffic

July 3, 2019

The murder of at least 13 individuals crashed on a second consecutive day of the rain-disturbed railway and the air traffic in Mumbai, the Indian financial capital. The authorities were forced to declare a public holiday.

Trump plays good when the G20 opens up divisive

July 2, 2019

JAPAN: World leaders kicked off one of their most high-stakes G20 meetings in years Friday, with rows brewing over a bruising US-China trade war and climate change despite a more conciliatory tone from US President Donald Trump. After lashing out at friend and foe alike en route to Osaka in western Japan for the meeting, Trump appeared in a less combative mood when meeting fellow world leaders face-to-face.

Prince William and Kate to visit Pakistan

July 2, 2019

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Pakistan this autumn, the first royals to travel to the Islamic republic in more than 13 years, according to BBC.