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Index of Industrial Production post a negative percentage

Economy News: The year-on-year change in the industrial production index for the period of January 2019 to January 2020 was a negative.6 percent. The production of cigarettes, coke and refined petroleum products, and pharmaceutical products has seen substantial declines. The production of wood, textiles, and base metals increased.

The index shows an increase of 16.2 percent in wood production, an increase of 13.9 percent in textile production, an increase of 11.1 percent in base metals. The index reported a 20.8% decrease in cigarette production, an 18.6% decrease in coke and refined petroleum products and a 13.9% drop in pharmaceutical products.

The estimates are still unofficial but were published by the census and statistics department. The index base year is in 2015. In 2015, tobacco products are produced at 69.1 percent of their value, and in 2015, pharmaceutical products are also at 76.5 percent of their product prices.

Recorded media printing and reproduction saw a 5 percent fall. The measure fluctuates year-round.