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GMOA says that Sri Lanka predict to have 550 Covid-19 infected persons

Local News: The Government Medical Officers ‘ Association (GMOA) yesterday said that, based on Hubei, China’s experience, “Technically it can be predict that 550 infected individuals are currently circulating within the community.” In a situation survey, 101 cases were reported by yesterday (25) and 32 of them were among those who came from abroad and sent directly to quarantine.

The GMOA said it should have had a minimum of 19,000 interactions with an additional 550 prospective patients. “Nineteen thousand of our population may have been exposed to this state of the disease, and they are now under medical, military, and administrative systems,” the study said.

If movements happen openly, one person may infect 500 others within 30 days without social distancing. One person can infect 15 others within 50 percent of social distance. Through 70 percent social distance, the capacity to infect others within 30 days is 2.5 per one infected person, the situation report added.

The study added: “Given Western nations that have been ineffective in social distancing, it can be concluded that between the 25.03.2020 era and 07.04.2020 period. The figures will face a drastic rise if social distancing is not carried out. And if Sri Lankan citizens follow through with the health advice given, we can expect that in the next two weeks there will be a favorable outcome.