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NCE commends Government for COVID-19 steps

Business News: The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) which serves and represents Sri Lankan enterprises in the vital export sector, has appreciated the apt measures initiated by the Government to overcome the challenges the country faces due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Council of the NCE which consists of Sectoral Business Leaders of Products and Services in the export sector, earnestly request those in the business community to work with an understanding of the prevalent situation. The armed forces, medical professionals work tirelessly playing a commendable role in combating the epidemic whilst many individuals and organizations are engaged in the distribution of essential goods and also provision of public services. In this regard the NCE wishes to place its appreciation on all front liners and their employees such as the Department of Customs, Ports, Transport Providers, and other essential Utility Service Providers, especially Health Services for their unstinted services to the business community, exports sector and the General Public, in spite of the risks to their own health, and responsibilities which they owe their families.

The Chamber affirms that similarly Export Enterprises and other Service Providers in the export sector to understand with compassion this unprecedented situation and work around it to the best extent possible to overcome the challenges they face. In this context it is important that the players in the exports sector, be mindful to protect the health of their workers, and the interests of their families as well. The Chamber further states that it is at times like this that everyone is provided the opportunity to demonstrate their core-values, and concern for others.