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Daily essential items to deliver Door-to-door from today

Local News: Given the prevailing situation in the country, a program will be launched today to deliver and sell vital consumer goods such as food, medicine, gas, and other services to homes (25).

The government has ordered wholesalers to supply vital consumer products to each household’s doorstep before the situation is brought under control.

The initiative will be carried out in cooperation with Sathosa, Keells, Laugfs, Arpico, Food City, Araliya, Nipuna, and other wholesalers by the Co-operative Wholesale Establishment.

A special task force has been formed under the leadership of Mr. Basil Rajapaksa to ensure the smooth operation of delivering critical consumer products to each household. The task force will consist of ministry secretaries, government officials, divisional secretaries and other related officers.

During this curfew time, lorries, buses, three-wheelers, and motorcycles which would be used for delivery would be permitted on the roads.

Also, steps were taken by the Ministry of Health and Aboriginal Medicine to keep pharmacies open during curfew time.

The patient’s diagnosis and prescription can be used as a pass to curfew, the Ministry said.