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Pan Asia Bank spreads joy of reading with ‘Day of Charity’

Business News: The staff of Pan Asia Bank has come together in support of a worthy cause under the banner ‘Day of Charity’ that is aimed at putting books on the hands of underprivileged children living across Sri Lanka.

In keeping with its stature as a ‘Truly Sri Lankan Bank’, the HR Department of Pan Asia Bank mooted this meaningful initiative as an employee engagement activity which is all about encouraging staff members to give back to society by donating their used text books, novels and other useful reading material to needy children.

In a series of donations to deserving schools around the country, Pan Asia Bank made arrangements to donate over 2,700 books comprising pre-grade books, study/text books, exercise books, English and Sinhala novels, children’s story books, religious books, dictionaries and more, thereby supporting the learning, education and personal development of students who are undergoing education at underprivileged schools.

“The primary goal of this meaningful charity is to help promote childhood literacy, but the project also aims at impressing upon the staff that they can make a difference in the lives of deserving individuals, thereby building emotional connections amongst staff as well as the wider public” stated Sampath Alwis, AGM, HR whose department spearheaded this worthy cause. “Studies have shown that children who are surrounded by books grow up to be more literate, productive and responsible adults. Through this simple initiative, we at Pan Asia Bank have shown that we have the strength to bring quality education and reading within the reach of deserving children thereby supporting the cause of widespread childhood literacy” he stressed.

“Education is widely acknowledged as the most powerful and effective way to address global poverty. As a truly Sri Lankan bank that is committed to empowering aspiring individuals of our country, Pan Asia Bank firmly believes in building a better future for the next generation.

This commitment is what inspires us towards improving the lives of underserved children through meaningful programmes of this nature” said Nimal Tilekeratne, CEO of the bank who added that it is the responsibility of all corporate citizens to support a culture of learning among children since many children do not have the luxury of growing up in literacy-rich environments or have access to quality books.

‘Day of Charity’ was established in keeping with Pan Asia Bank’s CSR agenda of creating a literate and enlightened society by providing tools of empowerment for under privileged communities.