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All officials notified to reduce Covid-19

Local News: All officials of the education field including Education Ministry officials have been notified under circular ED/ 01/21/3/9 on March 13th that measures should be taken to educate the teachers, students and other staff members regarding the measures needed to be taken in order to avoid being infected by the Coronavirus which has now been declared as an epidemic by the WHO.

This circular has been sent to all District Educational Secretaries, Zonal Education Directors, Principals and other educational heads and Pirivena Principals regarding the preventive health measures needed to be taken to avoid infection.

  • All institutions must provide facilities to wash hands prior to entering.
  • Prevent group meetings and seize all training programmes.
  • Provide covered bins to dispose of all used tissues etc.
  • Educating those who have respiratory issues to wear masks.
  • Notifying them to ensure that all family members and staff returning to the country from overseas is subjected to quarantine procedures.