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‘Kiddie Kuts’ for Stylish Kids

Business News Update: One of the most cumbersome tasks for parents during the infancy, toddler and pre-school stages is getting their kids to actually sit still and get themselves a haircut. How many of the funniest memories of childhood include a haircut gone completely wrong? An answer to this age-old problem comes from a parenting duo themselves who are hoping that the art they have mastered can be passed on to other parents as well.

Durga and Marcus Kenny while being parents to two themselves have also managed to pioneer and successfully manage Sri Lanka’s first exclusive ladies waxing salon that has now spread to 8 salons island wide and the first franchised branch in the Maldives. Using the expertise from running such an exclusive business, they now venture out in to “Kiddie Kuts”, Sri Lanka’s first kids only salon. The salon recently opened doors at the bustling suburb of Battaramulla.

“Being parents ourselves Marcus and I always had the biggest problem with getting the kids’ haircuts. Although there are some regular salons that offer kids haircuts, we felt like kids would be intimidated by the atmosphere and other older customers etc. While doing our research we also found out that there are many tools and techniques when it comes to specifically cutting kid’s hair. This is why we want to offer these services to parents just like us”, said Durga Kenny, the Founder of Kiddies Kuts.

The exclusive kids only salon will not only do haircuts and hair-styles but will also provide services such as kid-safe manicures and pedicures for the tiny divas and fashionistas. The salon is open from 9am to 6pm daily and will be closed only on Tuesday and Poya Days, For more information please visit Kiddie Kuts at No.1110/1 Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla or call 0117 112663.