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Bank of Ceylon Ran Kekulu Account is ready to provide Special gifts for your precious child on the first day of School

Business News Update: The country’s premier children’s savings account will offer a special gift to every child who enters pre-school or Grade 1 in January 2020 as he/she enters into a school/ Pre-school, marking an important landmark as they embark on the long journey of acquiring a good education.

The offer will be open till end of March 2020 or still stocks last to allow more children the opportunity to receive this gift. BOC Branches are ready to open a new account with a Rs.250/- deposit from the bank in addition to the initial deposit made by the customer and present the gift pack of drawing books and a box of colour pastel to children who are entering Pre-school or Grade 1 this year. All existing Ran Kekulu account holders who have entered Pre-school or Grade 1 this year are also eligible for this gift from Bank of Ceylon. The Bank conducts promotions of this kind with the objective of motivating children to develop the habit of saving and enjoy the benefits and rewards.

This offer is yet another benefit that comes along with an array of benefits that are attached to the Ran Kekulu account. Ran Kekulu accounts always carry an additional 1% above the normal rate. With the digital intervention into everyday life of people, it has attracted demand from users as digital technology upgrades one’s life with convenience and better control over time.

Parents/guardians would be able to make deposits to account from anywhere conveniently through digital channels/ service points available for 24 hours in all 365 days a year. Adding these aspects into the lives of Bank of Ceylon customers, the bank has enabled parents/ guardians of RKG account holders to make constant deposits over a stipulated time period by registering through standing orders via online and assures a SMS alert, online update to be sent notifying them of the deposit and the current balance. The traditional passbook will be made optional and will be backed with mobile applications such as Smart Passbook, B-App, or via Smart Online Banking. This account will be leading the child to receive the Bank’s scholarship award annually granted for selected 2000 students in an event the child passes the Grade 5 scholarship with high marks.