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BOI to become a one-stop-shop make easy for investors

Local News Update: Minister of State for Investment Promotion Keheliya Rambukwella said that the Investment Board (BOI) needs to be made more effective and taken into its former state of glory, which the government has begun to do, adding that investors can no longer be sent from’ pillar to post.’

“Institutions like the BOI had reached a point where they were not interested in securing investments or accepting foreign investors. This and many other state-owned corporations had been undermined in government. This culminated in the transfer of investors from pillar to post that was a deterrent.” “We need to position that Sri Lanka has a comparative advantage. Both the President and the Prime Minister were pleased to see that it’s completed, “he said.

He defended the decision by referring to parliamentary prorogation saying that it had been done for only eight days and that the president was constitutionally empowered to make such a move.”Parliament’s prorogation is nothing new. Yet individuals here create a reason to say that the tabling of the forensic report is supposed to be postponed. If that is the case, why was this document not submitted to Parliament a month earlier? The President has to make the speech on the throne, and there are a few issues that can be overcome, but those are administrative.

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