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Minister of Information Dr.Bandula Gunawardane assumes duties

Local News Update: Minister Bandula Gunawardane has taken on the role of  Minister of Information and Communications Technology and Technology and Innovation yesterday. Yesterday, Minister of Information, Communications Technology, Higher Education, Technology and Innovation Dr. Bandula Gunawardena urged journalists to commit themselves to fair and objective reporting with a balanced approach to the dissemination of news. “The government is keen to provide the necessary support and facilities for this purpose,” said Minister Gunawardene, speaking to the media after assuming that it is necessary to do so.

The seven intuitions under the purview of the Media Ministry will be turned into organizations that will provide maximum service to the ordinary people. In 2015, the previous government after it came into power, removed all media heads in state media by force, but even after just eight days, we have not removed a single person although some have left on their own,” he added.

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