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Elections Commission receives 2,672 prez poll-related complaints

Local News from Sri Lanka: The Elections Commission has received a total of 2,672 complaints from October 8 to Nov.2 regarding election law violations and violent activities, the Commission said. It said 24 violent activities had been reported to the National Election Complaint Management Centre and District Election Complaint Management Centres while2,553 1election law violations were reported to the respective centers. 95 other cases had also been reported.

During the 24 hours from November 02 to yesterday 4.00 p.m, 132 complaints had been reported 128 in connection with election law violations, 01 violent activities and 03 other cases were reported. The Elections Commission has decided to open complaint offices to investigate election complaints at the Elections Secretariat in Rajagiriya and all district offices to entertain complaints relating to the forthcoming presidential election. These complaint offices are established in collaboration with the police and after investigating the complaints received during the presidential elections this year, new laws are promulgated to prevent issues that are seen as routinely happening during elections.

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