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New investments and processes at Keells, journey of freshness for clients

Financial News from Sri Lanka: With a’ Freshness Guarantee’ or doubling your cashback commitment in 2018, Keells continues to invest in fresh processes, equipment, and innovations to offer the best in freshness and quality to clients.

Continuing on its freshness journey, Keells looked at all possible changes required in the Retain Freshness process. Therefore, investments have been made in fresh equipment and processes to ensure consistency in freshness is retained. The product is obtained locally from six domestic vegetable and fruit collection facilities that work intimately with the farming community to guarantee that the quality of the product meets a particular standard.

The fresh procedures implemented to look at a’ Date Life Code’ without stopping there, whereby each product crate comes with a sticker saying the number of days the item should be held for sale in shops.

This, in turn, will assist displays to be constantly fresh in order to guarantee that clients pick the best out of the product. A ‘Traceability mechanism’ has also been introduced which provides visibility regarding the source of the produce. This enables Keells to define quality issues and monitor them to the source, rectify and enhance future harvests and customer-specific products.

These investments in technology, whether Keells ‘ equipment or processes, are in line with it, constantly increasing the bar to freshness. “We at Keells made a commitment to the country to provide the best of fresh quality food. This is why we are constantly incorporating new innovations, projects, and processes into our activities to guarantee that we actually live up to the nation’s quality of life, “said Charitha Subasinghe, president of the John Keells Group Retail.

Keells has always thought in continuous customer listening, paving the way for Keells to introduce a new variety of famous Sri Lankan products such as Pittu, Parata, Thosai and Idly with curries and chutneys available in chosen shops. This new meal range will assist clients to buy and enjoy their periodic meal products produced to hygienic norms without having to worry about any additional MSG as there is no food prepared by Keells.

Popular bakery goods such as doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, simple croissants, and chocolate croissants are now accessible in multipacks to provide comfort for family or friends sharing. Priced below individual products to provide clients with added value. Some of the unique products at a Keells bakery are freshly produced pizzas prepared in 20 minutes for kottu and freshly baked bread.

The astringent 3-stage quality process is followed from the farm gate to the client to guarantee that the item is chosen, sorted and that only the best is sent for client storage.

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