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Dulani Guruge wins WIM ‘Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur’ award

Business News from Sri Lanka: Dulani Guruge, owner and managing director of Flameback Eco Lodge Pvt Ltd, Weerawila, was recently awarded the’ Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur’ –Small Business Category Award at the’ Top 50 Professional and Career Women Awards’ 2019 at Shangri La Hotel.

Women in Management (WIM) awards to recognize outstanding women who excel in their respective career sectors to boost sustainable economic growth.

Guruge graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Marketing and E-Commerce and received her MBA from Edith Cowan University, Australia. She received an award from the Golden Key International Honour Society for’ Outstanding Scholastic Achievement and Excellence’ for being among the top 15 percent of Australian graduates with academic merit during her studies.

She currently serves as Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Business Council of Sri Lanka-Australia-New Zealand, affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Ceylon. She began her career as a Management Trainee at Hemtours, a Hemas Holdings subsidiary, and later took over the management of the Peacock Beach Hotel family business following the tsunami in 2005.

Being in the travel and hotel business for over 15 years, she decided to explore her passion for creating a unique and sustainable hospitality experience in building her own boutique hotel in Weerawila with a unique concept focused on attracting the high-end traveler segment to the country with an eco-tourism focus.

Flameback Eco Lodge focuses on the conservation of the environment by adapting eco-friendly initiatives in hotel construction and operations, as well as helping to raise living standards within the local community. Despite many political and economic challenges, Dulani enjoys being a female entrepreneur in the competitive and unpredictable tourism industry as it gives her the chance to promote Sri Lanka while helping to promote sustainable tourism through environmental conservation and community empowerment.

Dulani said she is honored and privileged to have been awarded this prestigious award, which recognizes the hard work and dedication she has put into building her career and business and will make this award a platform to support further initiatives to motivate other women professionals and businessmen. She thanked Women in Management for creating this platform to recognize and motivate outstanding women professionals and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, and was founded by Dr. Sulochana Segera, the esteemed panel of judges, IFC and the Australian government.

For their support and contribution to this initiative, she also mentions her dedicated team at Flameback Eco Lodge and the directors Channa Nissanka and Bhathiya Gunasekara.

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