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Mason cum electrician produces jeep in Galbokkaya

Local News from Sri Lanka: A mechanic who produced a jeep at a cost of Rs. 55,000 was reported from a remote village in Galbokkayaya that could accommodate five people.

Since his early age, D.H.M. Sisira Kumara (36), the mechanic, has been interested in the automotive industry. He has now created a jeep that fixes a motorcycle engine.

He said the jeep is capable of running at 70 km / h and is suitable for tourist transport.

As an electrician and mason, Sisira Kumara has three children and earns a living. He’s trying to produce mechanical equipment and machines when he has free time, he said. The jeep he produced is equipped with a modern jeep with every component.

In his childhood, he said he produced a helicopter and later produced a jeep for two people. He said that if he is helped by private or government institution, he can produce many more such jeeps for the market.

He invited anyone needing to inspect the jeep to his place where the vehicle was now parked.