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Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition, reunion path for finding fresh investors

Local News from Sri Lanka: A distinct fund will help to set up companies in the Jaffna region, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in Jaffna last week at a conference on the Jaffna Municipal Grounds following the launch of several development initiatives in the Jaffna region. He said that the fishing industry will also be enhanced so that fishermen can go fishing in the deep sea.

“It should be noted that in consultation with officials of the people of the region to develop Jaffna, a fresh development plan was prepared. He said they were hoping to build a job-generating economy in Jaffna. Measures are being taken to develop and open next month’s Palaly airport to bring down regional flights in order to develop the tourism industry.

“We have developed a development plan to develop Jaffna in the next five years.” The Prime Minister also opened the Sri Lankan Enterprise Exhibition at the Jaffna Fort premises. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Finance to create 100,000 new entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the moment, the Premier said that the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition is seen as a bridge of reconciliation to discover fresh investors. Like any other part of the nation, Jaffna also has the desire to grow. The advantages of the growth of the country should also be transferred to the Jaffna region. That’s why we need to safeguard the country’s peace, “he said.