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A Preschool with difference

Celebration of the opening of Footsteps preschool on 7 September which more than 100 invited guests at the ceremony. Children and toddlers now have a preschool at 29, Kadawatha Road, Dehiwala. A number of parents are already flocking to the preschool.

The Principal Mrs. Razana Munzi and the manager Mrs. Fazra Irfan, both with collective teaching experience of 35 years in Sri Lanka as well as certified GEMS education in the UAE had spent time in launching the facility over the last six months bringing their expertise in the field of education with the intent of giving back to their motherland. Part of the impetus for opening the preschool was their own experiences. The preschool is offering infant care as well, caring for babies between 6 months to 5 years.

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Center Manageress- Fazra Irfan & Principal-Razana Muzni

Mrs. Razana Muzni said “I feel really glad. A lot of people have put a lot of effort into this. I’m excited about developing the school from scratch and giving all the children a unique opportunity to learn in every way possible. Everyone has been overwhelmingly positive”. It is open to diversity and the preschool will adhere to the model of ‘open hearts and open minds’.

“I believe each child is a precious gift and should be treated accordingly. Every child has a distinctive purpose and plan for their life, and we are here to help guide and nurture their distinct abilities”.

Mrs. Fazra Irfan concluded saying “During our vacation to Sri Lanka last year, we realized the abundance of preschools and must be commended for their efforts. We also realized that there was still a shortage of quality preschools and the demand for such facilities were mounting. With our experience and the help of some of my past colleagues in their respective preschools, motivated us to set up a facility in Sri Lanka”.


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Principal-Razana Muzni

Extensive experience in Early Years in top-notch GEMS Education schools in UAE and Sri Lanka. Successfully completed CACHE level 3 UK and AMI at the Open University in Colombo. Proven track record of outstanding lessons as a teacher, and brought effective positive contributions in the Early Years department as a Team Leader both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Strengths include inspiring and motivating young students. Actively engage their eager minds by incorporating a variety of enjoyable activities and inclusive learning projects. In addition, tailor-made lesson plans to meet their diverse interests, as well as demonstrate a direct connection between the classroom and everyday life.

Center Manageress- Fazra Irfan

CACHE level 3 UK qualified and successfully completed the AMI at Maria Montessori Training Center, Sri Lanka. Over a decades work as a Class teacher and team leader in the leading GEMS Education group in UAE giving ample experience to provide students with an excellent education.

Education career has been greater towards empowerment of the Early Years. Strong passion to educate young minds and help them blossom into well rounded, responsible and successful individuals. Throughout, opportunities to teach diverse groups of students.

What inspired you to open Footsteps Preschool?

Having worked at GEMS education in Dubai for more than a decade and shaping a diverse group of young minds has given us ample experience and training to set a new trend in the Early Years education in Sri Lanka.

What do you mean by new trends?

We encourage critical thinking. The student has to learn to process information in their mind. We facilitate and train young children to think out of the box. We have to move out from the traditional method of ‘A is for apple ‘to ‘can you THINK of words beginning with a? ‘

Inspiring the students of the future. What really works?

Every child learns differently. It is important to differentiate activities and cater to their learning styles.

What do you offer at Footsteps Preschool?

We are aiming to deliver a well-researched, child-initiated curriculum with international standards. Our facility serves a safe and secure environment for children from 6 months to 5 years. Our classrooms are fully equipped for all age groups considering the 7 areas of learning.

Any future plans?

Yes. We are considering to include a SEND (special education needs and disabilities) department in our network and be an inclusive preschool.