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Singer’s green inverter air conditioners are eco-friendly

Business News from Sri Lanka: By bringing the Singer Green Inverter variety to the local air conditioning sector, Singer Sri Lanka PLC repeated its strategy of adding environmentally friendly products.

The Singer Air Conditioners ‘ green inverter range depicts Singer’s vision of completely embracing the green revolution.

Using one of the world’s most environmentally friendly refrigerants (R32), the New Singer Green Inverter series enables to achieve the greatest energy efficiency in an environmentally friendly way. This ensures 0 percent potential for ozone depletion and minimal effect on the environment by decreasing global warming.

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Considering the prevailing weather conditions and the upward trend of energy expenses in Sri Lanka, providing customers with adaptable, viable and cost-effective air-conditioning alternatives is an important necessity. In this context, the green inverter range from Singer is a great option for consumers looking out of air conditioners that reduces electricity consumption while minimizing the overall cost of air conditioning.” “Singer Sri Lanka PLC is committed to delivering solutions that are manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology that makes us stand firm among the industry giants. We also think that it is our duty to concentrate on environmentally friendly sustainable products. As such, by implementing the Green Inverter variety of air conditioners, we can decrease carbon emissions that can happen during the dry season through heavier use of air conditioners, “Samarasinghe added.

As such, Singer Sri Lanka PLC is dedicated to service excellence and rigorous professional attitude from start to finish of the sales process. Singer Air Conditioning is synonymous with unmatched after-sales facilities and Singer’s trusted warranty.