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DFCC Bank plans for digital transformation

Business News from Sri Lanka: DFCC Bank, one of the fast-growing commercial banks in Sri Lanka, has lately partnered with Novustech Lanka to introduce a modernized strategy to improve customer experience across all points of contact.

DFCC Bank introduced the upgraded Digital TouchPoints as a result of this partnership and lately went live to provide more precision and comfort to improved customer experience. The primary inclusions of this partnership are outsourcing of ATMs, deployment of CRMs and development of a high-volume mobile staging app with priority queuing features to improve client interaction and quick service. the value-adding scheme will guarantee a smooth flow of activities by decreasing manual job by simplifying processes, decreasing transaction turnaround times and introducing fresh internet and mobile banking media to assist clients to start transactions even before they reach a branch and minimize the time spent in a branch.

Acclimatizing with the incentive to remain ahead of the game to market dynamics, this collaboration has strengthened the bank’s recent digitally enabled systems such as cash recycling machines, which are the developed versions of traditional ATMs. With the implementation of the CRMs, clients of Bank can withdraw and deposit money around the clock eliminating the dependence on the closing times of the branch. “DFCC MYSPACE,” the self-banking solution that is the bank’s integrated digital service delivery room, is where our clients could experience these 365 days 24×7 digital platforms. These machines ‘ screens have been standardized to create an omnichannel experience and enable a range of fresh, creative lifestyle-based services.

By adjusting to contemporary age technological enhancements, DFCC Bank is dedicated to providing its customers with frictionless banking experience while ensuring that its current and future banking needs are met conveniently.