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Microsoft will may release the HoloLens 2 in September

Technology News from Sri Lanka: Microsoft announced previously this year at MWC the second version of its AR headset–the HoloLens 2. Reuters reports the headset is prepared for sale at a cost of $3,500 in September.

This is buying you the same HoloLens 2. The Developer Edition will cost $99 a month and will add some additional goodies such as $500 in Azure credits, plus Unity Pro 3-month tests and the PiXYZ plugin (which will help you view AR CAD-based models). The HoloLens 2 is clearly still directed at companies.

The second-generation product, however, offers a much wider field of view than the original HoloLens–52 °, up from a 34 ° claustrophobic. The resolution remains the same, “47 pixels per degree” (which is more pixels in total, of course). There are more computing power and eye and hand monitoring with hardware acceleration. And the headset itself is easier to wear.

Although you won’t own one yourself, in presentations from businesses that depend strongly on CAD to design their products, you might find the HoloLens 2. At least for now, the only consumer-friendly AR is the type you’re getting on your phone.