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Tropicoir opens factory in Palai near to Kilinochchi

Development News from Sri Lanka:  Minister Plantation Industries Navin Dissanayake, Minister Secretary J. A. Ranjith, CDA Chairman, Udaya Ranasinghe, CRI and CCB Chairmen and other officials opened Premier Tech Lanka Pvt. Ltd. in Palai, recently 6 kilometers north of Kilinochchi.

It is a company under Tropicoir Lanka Pvt Ltd’s canopy that provides jobs for almost 300 direct and indirect staff in the area.

Following the opening was a coconut tree planting campaign that the Minister congratulated. It involves a objective of planting 100,000 coconut crops around Sri Lanka by 2021, of which more than 25,000 plants have already been planted by the business.

They were provided to team members, vendors, colleges, two Army camps, one Air Force Base, etc. organizing the company. Furthermore, Tropicoir owns plant nurseries to meet this necessity, equipped at any specified moment with more than 15,000 crops.

The project’s long-term goal is to ensure the coconut industry’s sustainability, which helps to clean the air, absorb carbon, generate shade, and provide food and shelter. That’s just the brief list of coconut trees ‘ many benefits. Tropicoir thinks it can efficiently compensate for the loss of forest cover and assist restore ecological balance by expanding the coconut plantation area on the island.

“Overall, there are several distinct communities involved in this project. A total of seven groups were engaged in the most latest planting, each comprising between 100 and 500 families. In some instances, communities that had earlier been in dispute over political and economic problems come together under a common goal-to restore their local shared environment, “said Dinesh Fernando-Managing Director, Tropicoir Lanka Pvt Ltd.

“Being a major coconut-based manufacturing and exporting firm in Sri Lanka catering to the global market, we are also dedicated to being a socially responsible business by inculcating the importance of our hereditary thousand years of Sri Lankan cultural heritage and maintaining the continued pursuit of our people’s culture, values and lifestyle.”