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Elon Musk and Jack Ma disagree with the threat of AI

Technology News from Sri Lanka: The Chinese entrepreneur said he was “quite optimistic” about AI and believed it was nothing to scare “street smart” individuals like them.

“I don’t know man, it’s like the last renowned phrases,” Tesla’s leader replied. Mr Musk added that technology evolved quicker than our understanding capacity.

However, the two agreed on one issue: that one of the world’s biggest issues is the collapse of the population. The businessmen are two of today’s world’s most important tech leaders.

Mr Musk, based in the United States, made his fortune at the electronic payment company PayPal before going on to run the electric car manufacturer Tesla, the space rocket company SpaceX and the Boring Company, among others. He also helped build OpenAI, an AI research firm based in San Francisco, although he has broken ties with it since then.

Mr Ma co-founded Alibaba, rivaling Amazon as the world’s biggest e-retailer and one of the world’s biggest suppliers of cloud computing. The group is one of the largest AI spenders in the world, both within its own company and through investments in dozens of third-party firms.

Their 45-minute discussion kicked off the World AI Conference (WAIC), which ties in with China’s objective of overtaking the US as the world’s leading innovator in artificial intelligence by 2030.

Source: BBC