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International Culinary YouTubers Explore Colombo Cuisine

Travel News from Sri Lanka: Canadian YouTubers Luke Martin and Chopstick Travel’s Sabrina Davidson are presently working directly with the Sri Lankan Tourism Promotion Bureau in Sri Lanka to encourage tourism for the island.

Chopstick Travel, an interesting opportunity for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, has over 500,000,000 worldwide varied subscribers, over 92 million opinions on their channel, and has worked with media giants around the globe such as Netflix, TripAdvisor, and tourism boards.

Their objective is easy, to document genuine local cuisine for their audience and to encourage culinary travel around the globe. Food is the cultural link between all walks of life and the conduit in which Luke and Sabrina teach their public about the world’s societies.

With great passion, they highlight genuine cooking techniques and distinctive cuisines, which can be seen in their attempt to create their content. They lastly arrived in Sri Lanka after filming cuisine in over 20 distinct nations to document Sri Lanka’s fantastic food culture.

International Culinary YouTubers Explore Colombo Cuisine

Luke and Sabrina understand the importance of visiting Sri Lanka at this moment and hope to do their part in turning the perception of travel in Sri Lanka around.
Luke and Sabrina have been invited to come to Sri Lanka as part of the successful Visiting Blogger Program run by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

Invited because of their heavy viewership in Europe, North America, and Asia, Chopstick travel seeks to not only document the food and culture around the island, promoting culinary travel, but also to influence their audience’s view of Sri Lanka and its safety.

“We are already so impressed with Sri Lanka. Our goal is to help put this country back on track to becoming a top travel destination.

The people of this country deserve it and we strive to share Sri Lanka with the world! We’re very grateful to the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau for inviting us here.” Luke said shortly after arriving in Sri Lanka.

Starting their Sri Lankan culinary journey from Colombo, the pair has already covered a wide range of cuisine in a short span of time, from bustling markets to local street foods to fine dining.

“Colombo has something for everyone. From the street food to the leading specialty restaurants in Colombo, you will always be satisfied,” said Sabrina when asked about her experience so far.

They are incredibly aware of the responsibilities that come with having a platform as large as theirs and are meticulous in their planning of what to showcase for their audience, in promoting Sri Lanka.

Colombo, however, is just the first stop of a long culinary itinerary around Sri Lanka. “We have a big plan to cover the cuisine across this beautiful island country. Colombo was just a preview. Next up is Jaffna! We can’t wait!”

Audiences will be able to see the first episode of their five-part Sri Lankan series at the end of August. Their focus on local cuisine will certainly entice and attract global attention.

Their excitement to share these wonderful dishes is clear as they prepare to promote Sri Lanka to the world. Find them on YouTube and subscribe to their channel to keep an eye out for the episodes release and get excited to see what other Sri Lankan specialties they have in store!