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Dr. Nilmini Withana, BWIO’s Business Woman of the Year 2019

Business News from Sri Lanka: Dr. Nilmini Withana, Chairperson of Western Health Care (Pvt) Ltd, was recognized as the Year’s Businesswoman at the Business World International Organization (BWIO) Awards recently held at the Taj Hotel in Colombo.

Western Care Homes has enjoyed a momentous increase to the top and an all-round reputation in Sri Lanka since it was established 10 years ago because of its unparalleled elderly care facilities around the clock.

Today, more than four of their households allow more than 70 individuals to live an active, autonomous life. “It is important for us to provide a high quality separately customized service,” said Withana.

Western Care Homes ‘ range of services includes age-related treatments for Alzheimer’s, dementia, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, and cancer. In a secure, relaxing setting, its comfortable and luxurious homes provide tranquility, peace of mind and comforting assistance to its inhabitants.

Nilmini Withana indicated that Western Care Homes employees have prioritized medical care, nursing, timely meal provision, in-house laundry, private care (such as feeding, dressing, bathing and bathroom help) and recreational activities with tender loving care. She added she was extremely happy with the coveted prize from BWIO. “The elderly constitute one of our nation’s most vulnerable yet unrepresented groups.

Helping them live the life they want to live is up to us, “she said. Withana further indicated that Western Care Homes lately purchased a block of property in Nugegoda to begin another home of care, offering all the facilities already provided by the other homes to their inhabitants.

Moreover, Withana’s win at the BWIO is far from being her first: an ardent member of the Lions Club, in recognition of her many acts of social service, she has earned over 60 prizes and honors.