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Colombo Dockyard celebrates 45th Anniversary

Colombo Dockyard PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier ship repair and shipbuilding facility celebrates its 45th-anniversary last week. Colombo Dockyard operates in collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Company Ltd of Japan and the collaboration has enabled the Shipyard to combine the skills and competence of a fully Sri Lankan workforce in Japanese technological know-how. Colombo Dockyard is regarded as Japan’s flagship investment in Sri Lanka.

The Shipyard has provided ship repair help to over 10,000 vessels during its lengthy and thrilling trip and has contracted more than 247 fresh vessels for local and foreign customers. This was indeed a notable trip for a shipyard that began to be acknowledged as an internationally renowned, contemporary, integrated shipyard capable of undertaking complicated shipbuilding and repair works with a modest start.

Colombo Dockyard has been on national duty since its founding back in 1974 and is one of the biggest foreign exchange earners in Sri Lanka, producing an average annual turnover of more than US$ 80 million. In addition to the financial advantage, the socio-cultural advantage it offers to the nation is unmeasurable, offering jobs to over 3,000 Sri Lankans, and developing the country’s indigenous sector and putting Sri Lanka on the elite shipbuilders ‘ world map.

The impetus for Colombo Dockyard’s excellent job is the guardianship of Onomichi Dockyard Company Limited of Japan, which has allowed Colombo Dockyard to deliver Japanese quality goods and service norms, ensured shipping times, at extremely competitive rates, and maintained its competitiveness in the industry over the previous few years.

Colombo Dockyard is currently building, through Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan, a specialized 50 m Catamaran hull Pilot Station Vessel and a 60 m Buoy Tender Vessel for General Company for Ports of Iraq.

The Pilot Station Vessel is appropriate for performing multi-purpose roles such as transportation pilots and supplies, providing lodging facilities to pilots, providing station and support for pilot boats etc. in unrestricted waters.

The twin-screw 60 m Buoy Tender Vessel is also designed for multi-purpose positions in unrestricted waters such as recovery and launching of marine navigation boots, repair and maintenance of marine navigation boots, transportation of marine navigation boots and/or spare components, general cargo transportation.

In addition to the above two foreign projects, Colombo Dockyard is constructing two Sri Lankan Ports Authority pilot boats to manage the enhanced ship arrivals at Sri Lankan ports. These pilot boats are intended to provide a stable platform in all weather conditions encountered in Sri Lankan waters while embarking and disembarking pilots.

With Chairman Hideaki Tanaka’s visionary guidance and the Managing Director / CEO D.V. Abeysinghe’s pragmatic leadership, Colombo Dockyard is actually set to achieve new heights.

Colombo Dockyard is Sri Lankan industrialization’s front runner and remains its odyssey of excellence as one of the major contributors to the government’s National Export Strategy from the shipbuilding industry.

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