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Passara District Hospital promotes the Commercial Bank.

Commercial Bank CSR Trust, carried out through the Passara Branch of the Bank, saw the installation at the Passara District Hospital of a complete water treatment plant that had previously received water polluted with agrochemicals and waste materials.

The Passara District Hospital, the primary hospital in the region, offers healthcare facilities to over 500 clients a day with limited funds and was impacted by the absence of clean drinking water, much like the remainder of the region. With no adequate built-in water purification and distribution scheme in place, and no central water purification system in place, hospital officials said this problem was the cause.

In addition to his efforts at the hospital, Commercial Bank carried out several other projects to benefit schoolchildren by donating to the Bibilegama Vidyalaya musical instruments and a photocopying machine, providing the Gonakele Tamil Vidyalaya with a photocopying machine and a computer, and carrying out another water supply project at the Central College, Passara.

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