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Export industry drives primary goods

Minister of social welfare and primary industry Mr. Daya Gamage said the government has implemented policies to encourage and encourage export-based growth in order to achieve the country’s national targets and to reduce debt burdens for future generations.

The former administration duplicated the debt of Sri Lanka, the Minister said, highlighting the risk of a low-investment private-debt economy. “With a view to dealing with the debt issue, there is a serious need to boost our export revenues. “We intend to turn Sri Lanka into a region’s export-led economic hub, enabling the region and the world to connect via a highly developed port and airport network,” he said.

“Through a briefing yesterday in Colombo the minister said that he planned to set up five thousand export production villages across the nation to increase the growth of the world’s export production.” The Sri Lankans working in industries such as agriculture, business, and utilities are setting a new phase in the worldwide economy to compete effectively while ensuring that Sri Lanka is included in the worldwide value chain. The villages are currently connected with 33 specialized agricultural and fish processing areas in the country. The government has targeted a supplementary US$ 7-9 billion in export earnings and 500,000 fresh job possibilities upon completion of the project.

“The highest priority in line with the government plan to boost export will be the modernization of primary products. In order to encourage further development of the industry, mango, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom stocks were allocated to individuals. Our aid program already includes the smallholder sector. A considerable number of spice plants and mango plants have been distributed, “said Minister Gamage.

“We want to double our foreign exchange earnings throughout all these operations,” said the Minister. The Ministry is also implementing a program for empowering women with home garden projects to help them earn additional incomes. “The demand for the fruit and spice plants in the export market is being encouraged among growers. Our objective is to empower 1 million female individuals and we have already supplied 35,000 female island females with multiple plant species that are needed on the export market,’ he said.

The Ministry has meanwhile introduced a program to enhance the welfare infrastructure of senior citizens, widows with young kids, the eyes and hearing impaired, those with thalassemia, autism, and kidney failure. A monthly allowance will be given to another 40,000 elderly people before the end of this year.

“We are planning to establish 1,000 rural elderly commissions. These committees can provide a forum for older people to meet and participate, “he said. “We shall give these commissions funding to enable them to undertake several income-generating operations. You can also deposit your revenue in the future in the Samurdhi Bank. “To provide efficient customer services, Samurdhi banks are all computerized across the country,” he said.

“We plan to hire volunteer advisors to assist individuals solve different kinds of issues. The Ministry will execute 50,000 projects in the future to improve the livelihoods of low-income households, “said the Minister.

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