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PickMe acquires YAMU Website

PickMe, the homegrown mobility solutions network powered by Sri Lanka’s homegrown technology, has purchased Yamu, the website/app for informative wine and dining information across Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the acquisition, YAMU founder Indrajit Samarajiva said, “YAMU has been close to PickMe since they began and I can’t believe of a better location to finish. In my view, PickMe is Sri Lanka’s only real start-up-one that has attained explosive development and continues to grow. Especially with their comparatively fresh foodservice product, PickMe Food, we believe that PickMe and YAMU prove to be an excellent fit for each other. “The purchase will allow YAMU to gain access to more information and operate as a medium to connect diners with restaurants through PickMe’s ride-hailing and delivery services, both nearly and physically. This makes the content platform of YAMU stronger and more important.

Food has a fresh restaurant onboard, clients on the YAMU platform would be able to read a little more about the said restaurant, thus assisting them to create a well thought out choice. YAMU continues to develop its content platform as a powerful content platform from the outset, presently reaching more than 325,000 customers per month, reading over 615,000 websites.

“Our traffic has been increasing in the latest weeks, which we attribute to the need to search for more interesting and new cuisines. It is essential, even in the face of adversity, that Sri Lankans keep going out, eating and drinking together, “Indi Samarjiva said. As Head of Operations, he continues to lead YAMU and the editorial team will continue to edit and handle the content platform.

Commenting on the purchase, Founder Chairman Ajit Gunewardene-PickMe said, “YAMU is known for its frank, unbiased content. That key element will stay the same after the purchase. YAMU will continue to be a trusted source of dining data just as PickMe is the trusted source of mobility alternatives. “According to YAMU, the amount of restaurants in Sri Lanka has increased exponentially from a few to over a thousand within a few years. Home cooks and tiny companies have started offering inspired cuisine in recent years as well as easy goodies like ice cream or brief meals. The next few years will lead Sri Lanka into an explosion of non-traditional food choices, enabled by platforms such as PickMe and YAMU.

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