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For the Farmer Campus, Northern Governor and Kelani Cables join UoJ

Young farmers representing the farming community in the Jaffna Peninsula would be registered for the very first time in Sri Lanka to attend a Farmer Machinery Management course designed by the Faculty of Agriculture, Jaffna University (UoJ) in mid-September 2019.

Mahinda Saranapala, CEO, Kelani Cables PLC, said the campus Govi Sarasaviya is a stereo-type copy of the non-formal education programs Kelani Saviya and Kelani Shakthi introduced in 2007 and 2014 by Kelani Cables Plc, together with Peradeniya University and Jaffna University, respectively.

The distinctive characteristic of the farmer campus is that those who wish to pursue the Farmer Machinery Management course would not require any fundamental instructional skills other than the correct identity of being a farmer representing the farmer community in the Jaffna Peninsula.

After a long debate under the patronage of Governor N. P. Dr. Suren Raghavan, Dean, UoJ Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Suriya Kumar, Professor Thushanthy Mikunthan, Senior Lecturer Piribaharan, and officials of the government in the North, decided to launch the program in mid-September 2019. The Farmer Machinery Management Course comprises of five modules including detection and observation of inner combustion motors, energy measurements of inner combustion motors, disassembly and assembly of motor parts, fault identification and rectification and soil preparation using 2W and 4W tractors.

Lectures would be held at the Faculty of Agriculture, UoJ, during weekends. Every year, 60 students would be registered in two batches for the programs. The applicants chosen would have to sit for the placement exam and get the greatest marks to be chosen for registration.

Under the generous patronage of the Governor, Dr. Suren Raghawan and Kelani Cables Plc, the original program would be introduced. Jayantha Wijesinghe’s brainchild, the co-initiator of the distinctive Kelani Saviya and Kelani Shakthi CSR, is the former campus.

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