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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s prepared for screen fix launch

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will go on sale in September after its original release has been postponed by device issues. The Galaxy Fold’s April launch was delayed after broken screens reported by early reviewers.

Samsung said it had “improved” the nearly 2,000 devices that would be marketed in “select markets.” The company raced ahead of its competitors to launch a folding smartphone.

“Samsung took the time to fully assess the design of the product, make needed changes and carry out strict testing,” the firm said in a declaration. Improvements include expanding a protective layer to make it clear that it is not intended to be removed and reinforcing the hinge region with fresh protective caps.

One explanation seems to have been that some reviewers removed a film that they believed was a typical protective layer that came with the phone when they first purchased it. The device failures have been a cause of embarrassment for Samsung that has witnessed decreasing smartphone revenues and faces increasing competition from competitors including China’s Huawei.

Last year, Huawei became the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor and plans to launch its smartphone folding in September. The firm also pushed back the launch of its foldable phone, stating that after the display issues with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold it wished to perform additional trials.

Chinese technology company Xiaomi revealed earlier this year a prototype of a folding smartphone that turns into a tablet.

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