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The World Test Championship is launched by the ICC

On Monday the World Test Championship (WTC) was formally initiated by the International Cricket Council.

Starting on 1 August 2019, the World Test Cup is being organized in 71 test matches throughout the 27 series and will be playing over two years, with the two top teams contesting the International Testing Championship Final in June 2021 (played in the UK) and the winners crowned by two top-level test teams worldwide –Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Western Indigenous States.

Geoff Allardice, ICC Managing Director-Cricket Operations, comments: “This summer, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup showed that every match needs to be counted, and the best teams in the world have to head. Over the next two years, the World Test Championship will bring the bilateral test cricket relevance and context and create a five-day event in a pinnacles format, as do the ODI / T20I World Cup men and women. “Cricket testing is the height of our sport,” said James Anderson, the leader in testing wicket testing for England. “It’s the cricket’s very essence and the majority of players are keen to play the game’s purest form. Another wonderful initiative is the ICC World Test Championship, adding context and significance to each series of sports. “We look forward to the ICC World Test Championship with great enthusiasm because it adds context to the longest game format,” said Virat Kohli, Indian skipper. “Test cricket is very difficult and it is always extremely satisfying to be on top in the traditional form. “The World Test Championship is an amazing initiative,” said Australia Test Captain Tim Paine.

“This is an excellent opportunity to take the lead in the championships and to be able to compete for the tests. “We love to play cricket testing, it is a pinnacle for us. In Australia, it is still very much appreciated and we are lucky that players, media and the public support it at home. Tests in every country have to be a high priority and good news for the general match, especially the health of the format. “With points available in each game, each team will be playing 3 series home and 3 series away. The baggy green is the ultimate for all Australian Cricketers. The amount of games in a sequence is 120. each series has 120 points. A2-pitch series means, for instance, 60 points for each test and 40 points for each test match for a3-pitch series. A tie is 50 percent of the points available, and a draw is a ratio of 3:1.

In the context of competitions, the matches will be organized by the Member Boards, just like any bilateral series. Contrary to the current member rights contracts opponents were planned for a collective agreement with competing Members, a number of fixtures already undertaken.

In each series, the number of matches can vary from two matches minimum to five matches maximum.

The first WTC cycle is a five-day match and will include day-night matches subject to bilateral and mutual understanding among opponents. The championship will count only matches identified within the WTC.

In providing game officials and ensuring matches are played according to gaming legislation, the ICC is responsible for the competitive terms and the conduct of cricket. The ICC also delivers the final ICC World Test Championship.

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