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Sri Lanka will host the main transport conference in September

The 13th Eastern Asian Society for Transport Studies (EASTS) International Conference is being held from 9 to 12 September at Waters Edge, Battaramulla, and is jointly hosted by the Sri Lankan Transportation and Logistical Association (SLSTL). The conference will be attended by more than 500 attendees including 400 foreign delegates.

“Transport and logistics for the rise of Asia” is the focus of the meeting this year. More than 600 global delegates were drawn to past meetings and held on 10 parallel paths.

Founded in Japan in 1994, the Sri Lankan Society of Transport and Logistics (SLSTL) is presently enhanced since 2015 with 19 countries. The EASTS aims to promote and promote excellence in studies and practice on transport and to encourage professional exchange in all transport elements and modes. Prof. Amal Kumarage, President of SLSTL, will chair the meeting.

Easter assaults saw a unique pre-conference visit on Monday by the President of the EASTS, Professor Tetsuo Yai, and by the Deputy Secretary-General of the EASTS, Professor Shinja Hanaoka of Japan and John Amaratunga, Minister of Tourism, Fauna, and Faith, in order to learn firsthand about the terrain.

It comprises of Sunil Hettiarachchi, the National Advisory Board, the Secretary of Minister of Highways and road development and oil resource development, and a team of experts from the transport and logistics sector, including Airport and Aviation Services Limited and the Young Lankan Entrepreneurs Chambers, Federa. The meeting will also take place at the Sunil Hettiarachchi convention in Lanka in Lanka.

The NAC will play an important role in communicating the International Conference’s strategic performance for transport, logistics and supply chain growth to the Government of Sri Lanka.

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