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The storm of Sri Lanka past Iran, the final West Asian Baseball Cup of Pakistan

Defending champions Sri Lanka stormed in the 14th West Asian Cup finals yesterday in the Sri Lanka-Japan Friendship Baseball stadium when they won a strong 10-2 win over Iran in the first quarter. In the second half of the final, Pakistan trounced India, meeting Sri Lanka on Saturday.

Despite passing showers which cut off play in the morning belting the ball to all areas of the camp, Sri Lankan batters discovered the pitching difficult to manage, in overcast circumstances.

Sri Lanka got a 2-0 lead early on the 1st inning by an Iran mistake, followed by Irish Kosala at the 2nd inning, and Sameera Rathenayake at the 2nd stage, with two times, lead.

After Kosala scored a single 1-0 count and two runs, Sri Lanka scored 5-2 lead and Rathnayake turned in the first pitch in a bat scoring one run.

The pitcher mound was resulted by Saliya Wijesinghe into Sri Lanka. He handed over two runs with one hit over two-thirds of innings, hitting three.

The match for Iran was launched by Mohammed Safdari. He has permitted 8 hits and 8 runs over five inputs, striking one. Two and two-thirds of the inning, Kavel Chahbejari, and Amir Arefinia joined the match from the bullpen.

Nine hits came from Sri Lanka. Everyone managed several hits for Sri Lanka, Rathnayake and Niroshan Sriyara. Sri Lanka was resulted by Rathnayake with 3 hits in 5 bats. Sri Lanka was confident and committed no single mistake. The most played with nine was Sahan Gunasekara.

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