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Veheragala Temple

In the Mahaoya, near the warm water wells, there is an old temple of the second century BC, which even a few centuries ago was the home of meditating monks.

The ruins of the old monastery spread over almost 10 acres and were wrecked at different times, looking for the building material and treasure. The two stupas on the rocky plateau were destroyed by a stack of rocks. Stone tablets are discovered in a broken site while relic hunters robbed the frame of the stone gate.  The remains of construction with a sandakada or moonstone, six pillars of stone, steps, steps, and the Korawakgal or stone balustrades are closer to the stupa.  The construction borders contain stone seats, a stone sink, and replica of the feet of Lord Buddha, which are the only landmarks left in the convent borders.

More ruins of houses and stupas with stone tablets are scattered across the grounds for offerings. The dripping cellars of the convent have been divided into chambers with brick walls and each cellar has an inscription showing the gift of local nobles. The three neighboring reservoirs were the water supply for the temple and for irrigation, but today too they were ruined.

The temple was nevertheless provided a new breath of life by a leading meditator and was the retreat of late Ven in meditation when it was turned into a meditative monastery almost four centuries ago. During the beginning of his career, Gangodawila Soma Thera.  But almost two decades ago the monastery was destroyed by a hurricane and it remains alive as the new temple was constructed nearly a kilometer away and serves the village.

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