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A tale about a novice monk who resided in the KotapabbathaVihara temple and who built a path to the “AkasaChethiyta” or a stupa in the sky. the theory that surmounts King Dutugamunu’s life. The monk was gravely ill because of his workout and was then moved to’ Seelapassaya Pirivena,’ where he was blessed to be born as the first child after his death by the King of Rohana, Kawanthisa, and his wife Maya. However, the legendary and supernatural shape of this tale did not prevent the archeologists from looking for the iconic’ Kotaweheragala.’ Lahugala is a major contender to be the fabulous residence of the novice monk, who was born again to save a country.

A few kilometers away from the village of Yalapotha, standing in the middle of the forest, is the Kotwheragala. Treasure hunters are vandalizing a stupa today. A stack of bricks. However, the bricks are from the third to the first centuries BC and are comparable to the bricks used by Shasthrawela and other shrines discovered there. But it is a small stone inscription at the foot of a staircase leading up to the stupa on the rock that connects the legendary’ KotapabbathaVihara’ with the ruins of Jalapotha. In the inscription, a novice monk–’ WachigamakahiTherasa’ produced the rock stairway.

Does this staircase lead to the’ Akasa chetiya’ constructed by the novice monk? Some archeologists think so even if further archeological inquiry still needs to be established.

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