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Exports of tea are gaining in May.

Sri Lankan tea exports totaled 26.6 M / kgs for the month of May 2019, demonstrating an increase of 3.5 M / kgs compared to 23.07 M / kgs for May 2018.

All export categories like tea bags, packaged tea, and bulk tea showed YOY development with the greatest development in packets. Meanwhile, Rs. 22.1 billion overall income also showed a profit of Rs. 3 billion compared to Rs. 19.1 billion in 2018 for the month of May 2019. Consequently, a marginal increase of Rs. 2.94 compared to Rs. 829.26 of May 2018 was shown by the complete FOB value of Rs. 832.20.

Exports in January-May 2019 totaled 121.0 M / kgs compared to 112.8 M / kgs in January-May 2018, demonstrating an increase of 8.2 M / kg. Tea bags, packed tea and bulk tea showed YOY development. Again, Packeted tea showed a relatively substantial rise over the respective 2018 period. Revenue also showed a growth of Rs. 8.5 billion compared to Rs. 93.3 billion of January-May 2018 for the period January-May 2019 of Rs. 101.8 billion, resulting in a gain of Rs. 14.49 compared to Rs. 827.02 of January-May 2018 of Rs. 841.51.

Sri Lankan tea output totalled 34.1 M / kgs in May 2019 compared to 32.5 M / kgs in 2018, indicating a profit of 1.6 M / kgs. This is the largest output since May 2014 when 39.2 M / kgs were recorded for a calendar month. All altitudes (i.e. high, medium and low-growth) showed YOY growth.

However, the output of 131.1 M / kgs from January to May 2019 demonstrates a reduction of 3.7 M / kg compared to 134.8 from January to May 2018. Medium Growns have shown YOY development on a cumulative basis, while High Growns and Low Growns have shown a decline.

CTC manufacturing of 2.4 M / kgs for the month of May 2019 continues static as well as recording 2.4 M / kgs for May 2018. Compared to May 2018, high and medium growths showed a marginal increase, while low growths showed a decline. On a cumulative basis, CTC manufacturing totaled 9.3 M / kgs in January-May 2018 compared to 10.4 M / kgs, demonstrating a 1.1 M / kg reduction with all altitudes indicating a YOY reduction.